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Preamble: Cold Dead Hands (CDH, Inc.) is an unapologetic for-profit corporation AND an American grassroots movement with politically incorrect, yet sound Founding Father doctrine and principles, created as a new breed of advocacy that fully embraces all that is American. Free market capitalism, freedom of association and limited government are the foundational pillars that support the advocacy goals of Constitutional Carry in accordance with the 2nd Amendment, responsibility of gun owners/voters/individuals and education related to firearms, politics and society. As a corporation, we welcome all races, genders and political affiliations who support our goals as follows: 

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Guitars and Guns Giveaway

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Tilting At Windmills
Social media is a wonderful and frightening thing. It allows us to connect in amazing ways. Governments have been toppled by citizens, united through social media and organized into an irresistible force. Protests, political campaigns and all manner of social movements proliferate on the networks of social media, but it has a dark side, too. In this Age of Information, facts are readily available, but all too often give way to misinformation and propaganda. It never ceases to amaze me how someone can take a kernel of truth, abundantly fertilize it with ample amounts of bull manure and it will take social media by storm.

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We Are Winning and Nobody Knows It
What happens when your side is winning, but nobody realizes it? In the long running gun debate in America, the traditional American Gun Culture is winning out over the globalist disarmament movement. The problem is that the pro-gun rights folks still think they are losing. It is completely understandable, considering the narrative they hear on the News, but the truth is quite the opposite. Bloomberg backed PR machines like Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America get all the press coverage while everyday average Americans are joining the fight to protect our rights to protect ourselves.

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The Art of Gunnery
Recently SEAMOK hosted a Hojutsu-Ryu training event in San Antonio, taught by founder and 10th dan, Jeff Hall of Force Options. I was not able to participate in the training event due to personal schedule conflicts...this time. However, I was able to catch Soke Jeff Hall after training ended, and be privileged with the honor of having a conversation about our Rights, the Constitution, and Self Defense that was pure bliss to the ears and heart of every Patriot that stands with our Founding Fathers.

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Posted in: Firearms
Facebook seems to be at it again. It seems in recent years that conservative Facebook pages have been targeted by the social networking giant and limi...

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Posted in: Liberalism
Defender of the Republic
There are a lot of people and organizations that have, throughout the years, sounded the warning bell on the goals of the enemies of our Country. While the steps may vary in some warnings, the goals primarily stay the same as when our Founding Fathers warned us of them in the first place: Abandon the principles that founded our country, remove the authority of the Constitution, remove our representation, and the Republic will fall, taking Liberty with it

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2Hawks Tomahawks
Once in a while something comes along that completely catches you off guard and takes you back in time. This is exactly what happened to me, the day I walked up to Devin Price’s table at the Wannemacher Gun show in Tulsa. I was captivated by the display of ‘old world’ tomahawks laid out on the table. Saying his hawks are a work of art is almost an understatement to their beauty... because truthfully they are mesmerizing. If you are a ‘blade guy or girl' (I don’t want to insult our beautiful counterparts), you might understand my captivation. I can’t quite figure out if it’s the beauty of the 6150 High Carbon chromium steel heads with the patented 2Hawks bluing or the dark stained hickory handle, but I do know one thing, the combination of the two creates a visual effect that parallels no other hawk I’ve seen or held.

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Posted in: Survival, Blades
Old world craftsmanship meets modern firearms?
Interestingly, I meet a lot of different people through our page and site, and Mike Martyn is one of those people. When I first caught a glimpse of Mike’s work, it was from an offhand picture on Facebook of a friend’s new grips. Now I’m here to say, these grips made the handgun really stand out in the picture, so naturally I had to inquire as to where she got them. This how I came to meet this modern day metalsmith.

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Kimberly Munley, Guarding the Flock

A "sheepdog" is society's protector. They protect their sheep, commonly referred to as the majority of everyday people who are kind and good and do not deal with evil and danger in their normal lives. The Sheepdog protects their sheep from the Wolves, the evil that lurks who commit the violent attack on the sheep. (ref. Dave Grossman). Sheepdogs are our military personnel and law enforcement. However, adapting or practicing the sheepdog mentality does not need one to be in either entity.

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Extorting Immigration
     If any readers wish to respond to this article, I would like for them to begin by answering these questions: Do you think the way to lawfully immigrate into our country is fair? Do we really want to base the foundation for gaining citizenship in our country to be upon whoever pays the fees, navigates through the bureaucratic red tape, waits five years, then takes a citizenship test?

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Be Prepared. Always.
I hope I never need to use any of my guns in self-defense. Ever. I will be better off if it's never necessary. But I own firearms so that in the gravest extreme, I'll have an option to defend myself and my family. I expect that many of you think and feel the same way or you wouldn't be reading this. While I hope I never need to even draw my gun for "real", I know one thing. If I do, I will NEVER see it coming. That is why I carry at all times.

When I first became a gun owner, it was a difficult transition into carrying every day. It took professional training, accompanied by practice, to learn how to draw and to be proficient in handling the weapon. It took time getting used to the idea of having a gun with me. It took a while to feel comfortable with a round in the chamber. Now it's second nature, and I feel uncomfortable NOT having a full size weapon on me at all times.

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