We aren’t professional lobbyists.

Cold Dead Hands stands WITH you, not FOR you, to protect and defend our liberty as Americans – we are resolved to defend the Right To Keep AND Bear Arms, Free Speech, Religious Freedom and ALL of the other Natural Rights that are supposed to be protected by our Constitution and Bill of Rights from government infringement.

Why do we want to work with you rather than speak for you? Unlike the Washington D.C. lobbyists, we are not here for fame and fortune. Cold Dead Hands wasn’t founded by politicians or lawyers. We were founded by blue collar advocates, people who truly care about defending American liberties. The same people, like you, that politicians and lawyers want to control. We are a 2nd Amendment Advocacy group founded by people just like you, to work with people like you, to get things done that the professional lobbyists have failed to do.

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Legislative Goals

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    Permitless “Constitutional” Carry

    Restore the right of the people to carry firearms open or concealed without a permit.

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    Repeal The National Firearms Act (NFA), The Gun Control Act (GCA) and all other unconstitutional gun control laws and regulations

    Americans have the right to keep and bear ALL arms. Not just those allowed by the government.

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    Education NOT Regulation

    Replace unconstitutional “gun control” with increased access to firearms education and training.

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