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A couple of weeks ago, I had the extreme misfortune of stumbling across a Rolling Stone magazine article online, titled The Gun Industries Deadly Addiction. Immediately, the headline photograph caught my attention and I thought, "I know her, I have seen that face before." It wasn't until a few days later that a name to go with the familiar face popped up on the Cold Dead Hands Facebook page, courtesy of her father who was a fan of the page. Finally, I knew where I had recognized her from, I had watched her grow up in memes on social media. As her father began linking pictures in the comments of the post about the Rolling Stone article, I recognized pro-gun meme after pro-gun meme that I had seen and shared hundreds of times. How ironic that she made the cover photo spot on an ANTI-gun article (propaganda/slander piece) in Rolling Stone. Through her dad, I was able to sit down and talk with her. She is an extraordinary young lady and here is the interview I had with...

Morrigan Sanders - On the Cover of the Rolling Stone photo Morrigan1_zps1a3f2282.jpg Morrigan Sanders

DoubleTap: So, first things first, Pictures of you have become very popular pro-gun memes. A cute little girl with her signature pink rifle. How do you feel about being a pro-gun meme icon?

Morrigan: I feel rather proud that I could represent so many people, or that they think I am a good representative of the pro-gun population, since I am part of that group. It's an honor really.

Morrigan Sanders - Teddy Bear & Pink Rifle photo morrigan6_zps775810ea.jpgMorrigan Sanders - Responsibility photo b1ba7dca-0374-4df9-a635-6ba44ee1e5b0_zpse3c7b77c.jpg

DoubleTap: Your meme popularity and pink rifle are probably what drew the people at Rolling Stone to use your picture in their recent, very anti-gun article. A stark contrast to how you have been portrayed in pro-gun memes. How do feel about having your picture associated with such an article?

Morrigan: Many people will see the article, many won't. Those who do like the views of the memes now know about me and it's nice, those who agree with the view of the article, well they know me now, too.

DoubleTap: The article insinuates that the rise in popularity of women shooting and junior shooting sports is due to the marketing genius of the gun industry, influencing new potential customers through fear. How did you get into guns and shooting?

Morrigan: My dad introduced me to guns, his viewpoint was that everyone should know how to defend themselves. Guns allow for that possibility, so I was introduced and now know how to protect myself, as well as having a healthy respect for guns.

Morrigan Sanders - Tactical Kid photo morrigan5_zpsfa7a6b23.jpgMorrigan Sanders - Taking Aim photo morrigan3_zpse05b8673.jpg
DoubleTap: Your dad is originally from the UK, correct?

Morrigan: Yes, in Birkenhead.

DoubleTap: I know he became an American citizen and is an American military veteran as well. So, he doesn't subscribe to the Piers Morgan philosophy on guns, does he?

Morrigan: I'm sorry, I don't know who Piers Morgan is.

DoubleTap: Don't even bother Googling the name, it's not worth it. Trust me.

Morrigan: Alright, my dad said basically the same thing.

DoubleTap: So, you were raised with guns from an early age. Besides gun safety itself, what do you think are some other benefits of firearms training, especially for kids?

Morrigan: It is used as a form of recreation, and teaches children responsibility. It also protects the children themselves, if something happens they know how to protect themselves.

DoubleTap: You're 16 now? Is that right?

Morrigan: 15.

 photo morrigan7_zpsf2d2dee7.jpgMorrigan Sanders - Human Rights photo morrigan2_zps537f553e.jpg

DoubleTap: I read your political views on your facebook page, and I quote "To stay away from politics as long as possible". However, being in school and studying American history, how do you interpret the 2nd Amendment?

Morrigan: I believe the 2nd Amendment is a right that should not be controlled. In history, people (in this case England) tried to limit our rights, trying to control the odds and also tried to limit the rights of guns. Many say to only let the government have guns, we can see how well that worked in the past. It was a time of fear, rights being taken away from the citizens. The right to own guns in my opinion should not be controlled by the government. It is a way to ensure our freedom stays that way.

DoubleTap: Very astute observation for such a young lady. As a father myself, and I'm sure your dad would agree, this is looking way into the future, but... Do you see yourself passing on your love for firearms and the 2nd Amendment to your kids someday?

Morrigan: Yes, I would want my children to be able to defend their own rights, and, it never hurts to know more.

DoubleTap: I know you have done a little acting and modeling. Care to tell us a bit about that experience?

Morrigan: The acting and modeling itself in a way is fun, but what is most fun is the people you meet and the things you learn while doing it. It is also rather fun to see your picture randomly on the internet. For me, it's also rather relaxing.

DoubleTap: Well, now that you are in the public eye, what are your goals for the future?

Morrigan: Well, my goals have always been do right by me, do right by others, do right to the world and live. Goals job wise, well, that changes constantly since I love to do so much and can do so much, so picking one thing hasn't been the easiest.

DoubleTap: Have you considered a more public role, for example some type of activism or advocacy, say for 2nd Amendment rights?

Morrigan: I have considered doing so, since I do feel very strongly about it, as well as the protection of other rights.

DoubleTap: Well, whatever you decide for your future, I have no doubt you will do quite well. It has been a pleasure to speak with you, but before we go, is there anyone you would like to mention or anything else you'd like to share?

Morrigan: Yeah I feel like I should say something, just trying to put it in the right words.

DoubleTap: Take your time, you have the floor.

Morrigan: Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and you can't control people without some affect on yourself or others. I think that sums it up. It's been great talking to you, and thank you so much for considering my views and the interview.

DoubleTap: It's been my pleasure and it's nice to have a name and personality to go with the little girl that I have seen grow up in memes.

Morrigan Sanders - Our Baby is growing up photo morrigan_0037_zpse803d2f7.jpg