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Additionally, she and her husband created a Private Investigations & Intelligence company and later a tactical training company that incorporates reality based training utilizing non-lethal training munitions thus placing them in a niche market. With law enforcement, private security, military and civilians as their target audience, she utilizes her previous experiences in law enforcement and marketing in her new role as the Director of Marketing and Communications. AnnieUp’s most recent accomplishment is her role as a board member and Volunteer Coordinator for a local non-profit organization that caters to critically wounded veterans in the North Texas area. Although her role is fairly new, she feels right at home back in the non-profit community working for an organization and a cause that is very near and dear to her heart. AnnieUp continues to utilize her writing, networking, and strong interpersonal persuasive skills to attract internal and external constituents. By embracing core values like commitment, honesty, and integrity she has built a stellar reputation.

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